Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ugh! The Kardashians

This is going to be a rant. I don't usually watch the Kardashians because I think they are such a waste of time and are famous for NOTHING!!!  That being said, I had read on both and Perez Hilton that the "fam bamb" was going to therapy and that there would be a family upset.

Without getting into the whole therapy session, Khloe had stated it best.  Kourtney and mom have a contentious relationship, as do Robert and Kim.  And lets not forget that three of the K family REALLY... RESENT... that Kim is mom's favorite child.  (BTW...earlier in the same episode, Kris out right says - as Kim enters the room - "Here's my favorite child.)

Anyways, during the therapy session, the dr. asked Rob how he felt at that very moment.  Rob broke down and started crying then walked out.  I assumed he walked out so that the obnoxious Ks would see his tears.  Khloe followed him.  Kourtney started crying for him.  And the doctor went to check on him.  Meanwhile Kim sat stonefaced on the coach as if she didn't care and mom just said "walking away isn't going to help."

What the frick and frack?!?!?  Really.  Kris is the mom and acts indifferent to her own son.  That episode right there made me actually cry for Robert and let me say..., I'm not proud that I cried for a Kardashian, but unlike the Ks I believe I have more empathy for frail humanity.