Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exercise At Last

BF has come home and now there is no way around not working out.  Meaning, I gotta get my arse to the gym every night.  Thankfully he just got home on Friday/Saturday night/morning.  So we didn’t work out on Saturday because we were visiting with old friends.  But we did on Sunday.  My muscles have taken way to long of a break from the big E because they and my feet were killing me within minutes.  I struggled and kept on the treadmill for 45 long minutes.  It seemed really long because all that was on the TVs was news, sports or Whitney Houston. 
Since I really want to entertain myself at the gym, the TV is the way to go, but the news was a big yawn fest talking about Whitney – boring.  I’m not and wasn’t a Whitney fan.  She was an okay singer, but she was also a crack head diva.  (Sorry for any of you that I just offended, but this is MY blog site.)
And sports will put me to sleep.  So I got stuck watching the clock instead.  Well today, I think I’ll be able to watch Law & Order.  Dum Dum!  That will hopefully get the time to fly by. 
Then maybe I won’t feel guilty when BF and I go out to eat our VDay dinner.

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