Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I beat the dishwasher. Yes I did!

Normally, the dishes get clean from good ole elbow grease.   Well a couple of weeks ago, I figured that if I have a dishwasher, it makes sense to start using it instead of drying up my beautiful model hands. 

Well one night I attempted to use and abuse my dishwashing machine.  Well it did such a horrible job, that I tried it a second time.  Well after the second attempt, I gave up.  But I still wasn’t going to hand wash the dishes, because I have a lot of dishes in that washer. 

So I go to work and ask my coworkers.  Any humility I have was left at the door.   I’m embarrassed that I’m the only American that does not have this domestic chore in check yet.  I’m desperate to have control over this.  Well, apparently there is a trick to washing.  Everything gets washed in the “Pots & Pans” setting.  Always use heat to dry.  And use Cascade Complete (all-in-one). 

Well I went home and washed my dishes one more time.  I didn’t even take them out to re-wet them or anything.  Well… low and behold… I mastered the dishwasher.  When the dishwasher finished it’s cycle and was done drying the dishes, I hesitantly opened the machine to find my dishes not only clean, but also spotless!!! 

I want to thank Cascade, Adriana, Troy and most importantly…   my dishwasher;  for having patience with me.

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