Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Today I found a recipe for a pancake that I used to make a long time ago.  It’s not your run of the mill pancake, but a giant whopping pancake that takes over an entire cast iron skillet and kinda looks like an overgrown crepe.  Oh… it was so divine and I always felt like was a little elite being able to make my New Orleans French toast with a cream cheese butter and raspberry jam and my skillet pancake.  How decadent they both were.  (Currently, my mouth is salivating in anticipation, but my eyes are crying because I’m not making either in the near future.)

Well it got me to think about my most favorite guilty pleasure.  And for the family members that are reading this no… it’s not Kraft mac-n-cheese, nor is it fried tortillas with sour cream and salt.  It’s the Romano Bread Puffs.  They were sold at Numero Uno.  They were like a sweet bread dipped in garlic butter and then rolled in romano cheese (powder).  They were what I looked forward to on those rare occasions that the parental unit could afford to take us out to eat.  Yeah, I didn’t need steak and lobster to be impressed.  Just some Romano Bread Puffs.  Good times…  I’ve been trying to find the recipe, but am still at a loss.  If any of my stalkers have the awesome formula to recreate these pieces of heaven, please pass it on.  Please, please, please…

Any of you have a guilty pleasure from your childhood that you wish you could still enjoy – or heck – still enjoy?


  1. Were you already moved out by the time I was working at Numero Uno? You missed out on my free take homes. This is usually what it was!

    There's a Numero Uno by our house, did you know?

  2. I would so Love the recipe for the Garlic Puffs I use to get When I lived near numero uno years ago.
    Forget the pizza the puffs were the bomb.
    They tasted like they had garlic & butter inside & coated with then coated with parmesian. or simular. Now living in the true norcal it's impossible to get. Hook it up lol