Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Now for your Listening Pleasure...

This weekend I decided to clean up my iTunes library.  Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  Well, I’ve spent all weekend and only got through the “S” songs.  I have managed to place a dent into my library though.  I went from having 54 consecutive dates of music down to 25.6 days.  Most of my music was duplicated because I would make CD after CD of songs for my car.  This, of course, was all done before I started saving on iTunes.  As I stated, I’m up to the letter “T”.  I’m not looking forward to this letter or the letter “U”.  I have no idea how many songs that are known as Track 1, 2, 3… or Unknown Artist/Song: and to have the music set up in multiples too! 
I have a way around all these unknown tracks.  I upgraded my Shazam to the SuperDuper song finder.  Okay, so I purchased the plan where I have unlimited look-up.  So, for the next day or so, I will be busy going between my iPhone and iTunes. 
This is the best I could do for Shazam.
I know, I know… I lead a very exciting life.  So, why am I doing this?  Well, I wanted to make a new “soundtrack” for my listening pleasure.  I have to admit, this is the best soundtrack thus far!  It has some indie, rock, punk, ska, techno, swing, rancheros, folklorico, salsa, easy listening, new wave, alternative and even some country and bluegrass.  Only thing missing is my classical, but it definitely wouldn’t have blended in smoothly with the other songs I picked. 
Not my playlist.  mine is WAY cooler than this
Now… I just need to convince BF that we need to get a new speaker system for my iPod/iPhone.  My goal is to get us a Bose speaker system so we’ll be able to hear our music (okay my music) anywhere in the house.    Listening to the music from the computer speakers just isn’t cutting it anymore.

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