Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a Wonder...

... that there aren't more car accidents in the world.  As I drove to work this morning I witnessed at least 3 "almost" car accidents.  Crazy drivers!  One zoomed across three lanes, with out a care that he might run into any of the cars nearby.  It was as if I was watching professional drivers that do all those fancy tricks on the commercials  Two other cars forced their way into lanes where there was obviously no room for them to merge into, but they squeezed/forced their way in anyways.  What is up with people now-a-days?!?  We all know how traffic is gong to be in the morning - on the freeway.  If you are that determined to get somewhere on time, then just leave a little earlier in the morning. 

Rant over.

1 comment:

  1. I never saw that much crazy driving until I moved to Massachusetts. Between my husband and I we've been hit three times in the last 3 1/2 years by some of the stupidest drivers I've come across. One guy wanted to be in my lane and tried to ignore the laws of physics to get there. One guy hit the car behind me, tore off his own tire in the process, then hit me...and tried to drive off on three tires. Stone sober. Just a shitty, shitty driver. Husband was at the off ramp less then a quarter mile from home, and a girl plowed into the back of him because she "didn't think he'd stop." Really? There's a stop sign! Her parents (!) proceeded to harass him the next few days to try to get him to not report the accident, since the girl would lose her license...because of too many accidents. Laws of traffic do not exist for East Coast drivers, not even a little bit.