Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gods Must be Crazy – or Just Hate Me

We put up our Christmas tree up last night.  It isn’t as decorated as I’d have liked, but BF was helping and this is our first Christmas together so I wanted him to feel like he had a say… oh yeah, and I wasn’t supposed to be on my feet so I really couldn’t have had a say if I wanted. 
I must have been in a mood last year when I packed all the Christmas decorations, because I can’t find half the crap I display around the house.  Okay… I can’t find any of the crap I display around the house.  So  the most we have this year is a lightly decorated Christmas tree and the four stockings I’ll be tacking to the wall a little later today.

So this is what my foot looked like last night when I got home.  Not a pretty site. 

Well this is how my day is going so far.  My neck muscles hurt from work.  My upper back hurts because of that time of the month.  Oh Yeah… it’s that time of the month, body aches from a relapse of my cold and my cankle looks like I have elephant man syndrome.  And to top it off, my skin is stretching so much from the swelling that it’s starting to itch!  Can it get any worse?!?  I’m sure it is so I’m offering a peace offering to the Gods.  I promise to be a better and kinder person (although I'm not sure how I'll improve on perfection) if you will please back off so I can have some relief of some type.

HO HO HO… Merry Charlie Brown Christmas!

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