Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Grave is Calling Me...

I'm dying here. I am here to write my obituary, because I'm sure this cold is going to take my life.  It's already started because I'm losing weight.  Isn't that the first thing to go when you are dying?  So... Maybe... I'm exaggerating just a little bit.  But I am pretty sick.  Son (we'll call him Juan Guillermo - yes another name I wanted to name a child - when I was going through my latin phase.  JG for short) has been home sick ALL week.  Took him to the doctor on Thursday and was told "he's sick."  Since he's been out sick all week, I was required by law to get him a doctor's note.  Well the doctor wrote the note stating that JG couldn't go back to school until Monday.  Thank goodness for that because today (Saturday) we are both still in bed.

Well... I started feeling Tuesday evening.  I hoped that it was just my imagination.  Because we all know that parents are NOT allowed to get sick... EVER!!!  I woke up Wednesday and decided I was going to stay home.  Felt pretty good most of the day, but sick enough to stay home.  Thursday I woke up feeling as if a bomb was exploding in my head.  Well boyfriend guilted me into going to work.  Something about want to spend my vacation time on vacation, in a month, instead of now while sick.  So, I went to work, promptly called the doctor for my son and waddled through the day.  BF was a sweetheart and tool us all to dinner that night, but by the time I'm usually eyeing the dessert tray, I was daydreaming of my comfy bed at home and the wonderful sleep that was awaiting me.

I did fall asleep immediately, and woke up the next day feeling even 100 times worse than the day before. It didn't help that a big wad of something decided to lodge itself into my breathing passage and I woke up gasping for breath because I could not breathe or cough.  Somehow i was able to loosen it and Ailish, of course did the, necessary waking of my chest and repeatedly stating "you almost died."

I have some urgent work awaiting me at the office so no time to feel sorry for myself.  I jump in the shower and get my daughter out the door.  As I'm taking her to work all I could think about was making the pounding stop inside my head and why on earth is the sun so fricken bright today.  I mean, not even my sunglasses are helping me out.  I get to work and am confronted by one of my co-workers.  Typically she's okay, but for some reason all I want to tell her is to back the f-off and stop talking.  I process my 10 minutes of work and promptly tell my boss "See Ya!  Urgent matter taken care off.  Going home."  He's got his own stuff going on so he pretty much brushes me away with a "whatever."  Actually my boss is really cool, but he knew I was not into working and I really don't take time off from work so...

As I'm driving home, all sounds are still driving me crazy and aside from my normal symptoms of having a head cold, I'm now feeling my saliva decide to have a meeting in my mouth.  Never a good sign.  As I drive up to my mom's house, I realize I have a sinus cold AND a migraine.  Will this pain never end???

I promptly take my Excedrin migraine and literally pass-out.  I did wake up in a much better mood a little later because the migraine new it was no match for the meds.  Well, I've been in bed ever since.  I did try to have the requisite diet of the sick: chips and sour cream.  My tummy didn't like it and quickly dispelled it from my body.  So, I've been pretty much living off of 7-UP.  One benefit is the weight loss I mentioned earlier.  My pants are loose again!  Yeah!  I'll take weight loss anyway I can.


  1. I swear I proofread this before I posted it. I can only state that my cold blurred my vision when proofreading earlier.

  2. I was wondering if you really meant to call your boyfriend a sweetheart and a tool...

  3. I hope Juan Guillermo was a typo too. If not, thank God John didn't let that one fly. :)