Monday, December 12, 2011

This is the First Day of the Rest of My Life...

And so my new life begins…
I had to wake at the God-awful time of 5am this morning.  My neighbors have roosters so you’d have thunk that waking up at that time wouldn’t be hard, but it was!  My body is not used to waking up at that hour.  I dragged myself out of bed this morning and took a nice hot shower, made sure everything was packed in the car (for my new job) and headed out.  With only 15 minutes to get to work, I forgoed my Starbucks stop.  I raced to get on the freeway only to be met by all of the other San Diegoans.  Oh my gosh!!!  Traffic.  That is so foreign to me.  I’ve never had to drive in traffic before.  My commute was always 10 minutes at most… from home… no freeway… with a stop for coffee if I so desired. 
Well, no more coffee here.  Today wasn’t even my regular start time.  Tomorrow will be a half hour earlier.  There better NOT be any traffic at 6: am.  Ugh… 6am.  And… I need to make something to share at our potluck also!  I’ll be making the tide-true Mexican meat dish of Mole.  No it is like a mole on your body.  It is Moe Lay.  Now say it with a Hispanic accent.  There you go.  Now shut up, because it still sounds silly when you say it. 
Anyways I digress… I got to work and got the key to my new office.  No… I’m not chill like that.  I share this new office with 7 other people.  But Adriana and I are the first ones in the office so far.  Well, I had to lug everything in from my car… in the rain, with only help from Adriana, Elaine and some very nice man who brought in my 2 ton tub.  It brought up my asthma and I couldn’t stop coughing for about an hour or so.  Very annoying.

I’m almost completely settled in… except for the fact that I can’t get on to our network.  Where is most of my work?  On our network.  Grrrrr….
Well, I managed to forget my gym clothes at home so I guess I’ll be exercising, tonight, with the Slim in 6 DVD I have.  I also need to go get groceries.  Since I don’t have a lot of money, I’ll be focusing on getting food for tomorrow’s potluck and then lots of cup-o-noodles and hamburger helpers for the week.  So much for eating well this week. 
As a side note... my mom referred to one of my cats as Snookie.  SNOOKIE!!!  It started up my coughing again because I was laughing so hard.  MOM... my cat's name is Sniffles not Snookie.  She sleeps around the house - not around the Jersey Shore. 
Hope the rest of my week turns out better.

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