Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blogs Galore And No More...

Have you ever noticed how many blogs are in the WWW?  I've been checking the "next blog" every day and every time I do, I find loads of blogs out there.  But... none of them are updated.  The ones that are updated are obviously for family to keep in touch or of a religious demeanor.  Well, I don't want to read about other people's families.  I've got my own and of my family, three of us already have our own blogs that have relatively little to do with family.  And... if I want a blessing, I'll go to church.  I don't want to be bombarded with quotes from proverbs.

Aside from stalking the blogs I am following, how does one find quirky, witty blogs???  If anybody knows, throw me a shout.


  1. There is no easy way! The only thing you can do is find a few bloggers you like and pester them to update more. Personally, I've been terrible about blogging lately. The blogrolls of bloggers you do like can also help.

    A couple of my faves (I'm on my phone working out of I'd drop in urls - they're all fairly google-able:

    (there's also me - ellipie.com)
    The Bloggess (she's famous)
    MODG blog (less famous)
    Dating Is Weird (usually good when they actually update)
    Unapologetically Mundane (not so famous)
    Zero Musings with Erin (not famous)

    Good luck - and share good blogs/bloggers you find!

    The Bloggess

  2. I find cool blogs by regularly stalking the comments and the followers of the regular blogs I already read.

    I agree with the Serial Monogamist. If you don't read The Bloggess, you are missing out. You can find some links to some other great blogs there as well.

  3. I agree with Serial and Monkey. Find a blog you really like, then check out the blogs of the people who also like that blog. It takes time and research, but once you find blogs you enjoy reading, it pays off. At least in the entertainment dept anyway.

    The Bloggess is a very popular one. Almost too popular, so don't expect to hear back from her bc she prob gets like 200 comments per post. However, if you're just reading for entertainment and inspiration purposes, she's a great one.

    MODG is a straight up cuckoo bitch. I discovered her blog about 2 years ago, before she had a baby and when she used to post about anything and everything. Now she just posts about baby stuff. And don't even think about disagreeing with her, or else she'll sic her army of darkness all over you.

    Zero Musings is great! She's my friend Erin whom I met at BlogHer. We email and text all the time- she's a really great person and an equally great writer.

  4. Woo woo I so AM famous because I got mentioned right here! :) I read all of the above mentioned blogs as well and love em all. A couple more faves are Zucchero Zucchero, and Voyage of V. Sorry no urls!

  5. Serial - thanks for the blogs. I'll start stocking them ASAP!

    Monkey - thanks for giving me the okay to start stalking as well. BTW... do you realize that Lucky gave you a nickname very similar to the nickname I had for her as a child?

    Lucky - you have a gazillion blogs to stalk. i may start there first.

    Erin, I will definitely start following you.