Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Atkins Thanksgiving

About 3 years ago I was on an Atkins kick.  I stuck with it even through Thanksgiving.  I ignored the yummy delicious food, at my grandmother’s, house so that I could stay on track that evening.  I didn’t even have any ham or turkey for fear of ruining my appetite.
So I race home with kids in tow and started to steam my cauliflower for my “faux” potatoes.   As they are steaming I start to work on my low-carb sausage stuffing.  I’ve already made my Atkins Pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream. 
Well, little did I know how “faux” these potatoes would be.   I mean… everybody on the Atkins blog raved about them and stated how much they tasted “just like real mashed potatoes!!!”  They not only didn’t taste like them, they didn’t even resemble them.  That’s okay, I figure… I have more food coming down the pike…
The stuffing… was a greasy disaster.  Again, it was a variation of the side dish of stuffing.  There was no bread in it, but loads of meat and grease.  I tried to burn off the grease, but nothing helped.  Not even placing this “stuffing” on a load of paper towels and patting it dry could fix it. 
Well all is not lost because I have ham steak for us.  By the time we got to our so-called thanksgiving dinner, the ham steak was cold.  I did try to warm it up and it just got dry instead.  At this point, I’m still making an effort to salvage my Atkins Thanksgiving dinner so I take a safe taste of each item (safe; as in barely placing any food on my tongue.)  It all revolted me.  I actually told the kids not to even try the food.  My boyfriend is such a sweetie.  He actually ate a full plate of everything.  Kids and I ate Mac-N-Cheese.
There was one saving grace.  My pie.  It was actually really delicious!  I think I ended up getting filled up on that sucker.  Maybe it was also good because I was starving.   Moral of this story is: no matter stringent your diet is or you are trying to get healthy and lose weight, there are some holidays that are not meant for diets.  Thanksgiving is one of them.

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  1. Aren't ham and turkey Atkins-friendly? And vegetables too, right?

    You missed out on Grandma's food for nothing.