Friday, November 18, 2011

The Transfer

I've been waiting for this job transfer for over a year now.  Not hoping for it... but waiting for it.  I've been waiting for the date my start date for my new job.  And it has been provided!!!  Yeah!!!  This job is 200 miles away from my hometown.  So it is a big thing to be transferring.  But it is also very bittersweet (that'll have to be another conversation). 

My BF and I purchased a house back in the early summer.  After looking at hundreds of homes, we finally settled on our home.  It's a beauty and has enough room for my children to have their own space, a yard for me to do my gardening, a place for my bf to put his feet up at the end of the day, enoughs square footage for my cats to run around and plenty of space for visitors.  The one major downfall?  My job hadn't tranfered yet.  Essentially, I've been living out of a suitcase for three months and then livning with mom for the past month.  It hasn't been easy, but we have all made it through it. 


Well let me tell you, that living out of a suitcase wreaks havoc on your pocket book.  Well actually eating fastfood for three meals a day - for three people - is very expensive.  But at least I didn't balloon up like Aunt Marge did on Harry Potter.

Aunt Marge

In a week, all my planning and scheming will fall into place.  I'll be able to eat properly and exercise every day.  I'm sure you are wondering that if I've been living out of a suitcase, why didn't I use some of this free time to go to the gym at least.  Suffice it to say, that I've had tremendous guilt over leaving my kids in a motel room while I go to the gym.  Something about that just didn't seem right to me.  And... on the days I didn't have the kids with me, I usually stayed with friends or family and I wasn't about to come and go as I pleased.  I'm just not set up like that. 

So my Christmas gift to myself (aside from the food processor I plan on purchasing this weekend) will be to start eating healthy and to exercise EVERY DAY. 

Gym Membership - Check
Slim in 6 DVD - Check
Zumba DVD - Check
Silly gym clothes - Not! 
Pair of sweats, t-shirts and sneakers - Check

BTW... I forgot to past a link to the blogsite that provided the One Minute Blogging.  it is:

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