Monday, November 28, 2011

Exercise - Really???

I managed to get three days of exercise in this weekend.  And I was pooped after every excursion.  Just wiped out.  If I could have taken a nap after every session, I would have,  but unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t' play like that.  He's hardcore.  He runs about 10 miles a session.  If we go into the gym he'll do about 40 minutes of running and will then do about 20 minutes of circuit training.  I get exhausted just looking at him..  Shoot, I'm exhausted just thinking about. it.  Anybody up for a nap?

Well, my sessions went like this, an hour at the gym on Friday, 50 minute hike on Saturday and a 45 minute leisurely walk on Sunday.  I believe I’m supposed to add time every time I work out and not have it dissipate.  I’m not looking forward to the exercise I’ll be required to do once I move in two weeks, but a I am still gaining weight, I’ll be starting my exercise routine immediately after moving; ½ an hour in the morning before going to work and 45 minutes to an hour after work. 

This is the model of what I'd like to look like after losing weight.  Now imagine almost 70 lbs extra with the weight focused on thighs, hips and gut and not as much up on top and you have me.  Not pretty...

I refuse to purchase new clothes in the next size up.  I have loads of nice clothes at home – that have managed to shrink over the years.  Okay… so they haven’t quite shrunk.  More like I’ve “grown” out of.  But, I’d love to be able to wear them again before they are so out of style that they are in style for my daughter.

Two side notes:

1.       Boyfriend and I have almost ALL of our Christmas shopping done.  Only three more gifts to get. 
2.      One of my sisters had a Saturday Thanksgiving dinner at her place.  First one for her.  I offered to contribute a cheese ball for the soiree.  Apparently it was a hit!!!  And it was really simple to make so… I’m thinking I may put the Swiss Colony out of business this year with my own cheese spread gifts. 

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