Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daugher's Not Exactly Sweet Sixteen

My daughter turned 16 yesterday at 7:14 am.  My precious baby,  the girl that has helped with all the gray in my hair.  Since the girl is only 16 we are going to call her Ailish.  I always wanted to name a daughter this name, but my ex thought it was a little out there.  It's actually a gaelic version of my name.  Anyways, I digress. 

My daughter has been asking for a sweet sixteen party ever since she realized she wasn't going to get a quince.  And let me tell you, it has been almost her whole life of her planning this non-existant "party."  This has been a very rough year for my daughter.  She's gotten herself in trouble and it looks like she has finally learned her lesson.  Last year she go herself in soooo much trouble that her birthday was cancelled.  CANCELLED!  That should tell you how bad she was.  This year, she didn't exactly earn the rights to a big bash, but I would have loved to have had a Chuck E. Cheese party for her or something.  And in case you think she is too old for the big Mouse.  She already went to another Mouse's House the week before as my gift to her.  Apparently Chuck is popular with the 16 - 23 year old crowd.  Don't ask... I'm amazed myself. 

So... we had a very quiet and private dinner for her at home instead.  What did she want to eat?  Comfort food.  Tunafish Casserole, baked carrots and homemade tres leche cake.  It was all divine!!!  Mom (grandma to my Ailish) made the dinner and Ailish and I made dessert.    So divine that I HAD to have a second piece of cake.  thankfully, the pieces of cake were about 1/4 of the slice they sell you in the panderia (Mexican Bakery). 

Alish's dad came over for the meal and was actually friendly.  (Brief overview of ex and I - we are on speaking terms and sometimes that is it.)  He had pleasant conversation with my mom and myself and it almost appeared as if there was no animosity between the two of us.  It made for a very nice birthday event.  One of my sister's also came over to celebrate with us.  :-)  Needless to say, it wasn't exactly the party bus my daughter had envisioned for her birthday, but at least she got her parents to celebrate at the same table for the same meal and not throw eye daggers at the other.  What more should she ask for?

On a side note - I stuck to my no soda plan yesterday (and so far today) and I did not go to any fastfood joints either.  But, I was starving by the time I got home.  I think I ate far more casserole than I should have, but then again, my stomach didn't complain. 

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