Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Unanniversary

Yesterday was my unanniversary.  I'm sure you are wondering what that is.  Well... technically it was my wedding anniversary - but I'm not married anymore.  I picked my day to start a wedding tradition.  Little did I know that I would truly follow the tradition of bad marriages for that date.  See... my grandparents married on that date (horrible marriage) as did my parents.  Sadly, they too are divorced.  I figured I would break the chain, but keep the date.  Well, unfortunately, I kept all the traditions.  So... since my mom is very much alive and kicking, we've been celebrating our unanniversary for the past 10 years.  Oh my gosh - 10 years already?!?

Usually, we go out to a nice lunch, but this year we thought we'd keep in on the down-low.  You know, we are just tired of painting the town red every night.  Two single women of our looks and caliber is too much for the men of our town.  So... I may be exaggerating a "little" bit.  We did decide to keep it pretty mellow this year.  Steak and potatoes for dinner and TV time.  Kids were with their dad, so we have complete peace for about 3 hours.  Ah... bliss...

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