Sunday, November 6, 2011

Changing your lifestyle sucks!

I've gone a whole week without eating any fast food.  Yay for me!!!  I went two days without any soda, but immediately found out that I need to ween myself off instead of going cold turkey.  I've discovered that I develop UTIs without my soda.  Apparently I don't drink enough water on regular basis.  For some reason I can't stand plain water.  Imagine that!  So... I've gone back to having soda every day, but I'm now weening myself off slowly.  I'm also resorting to crystal light to flavor my water and fake out my palette. 

On a side note, I am enjoying the fact that my meals aren't burgers and tacos any more.  But how long until I'm sick of baked potatoes and tortellini. 


  1. You're gonna be hard pressed to lose weight with a diet of baked potatoes and tortellini. Trust me, I'm on the same diet and I haven't lost shit.

    Set up an account on It's easy to track your intake and I've found that it keeps me motivated to NOT go buck wild at the sight of food. The only hard thing is remembering to enter every little item that you eat.

    Also - TMI on the UTI. Try drinking Tejava or diet Snapple instead.

  2. I have a hard time drinking plain water too. My doc recently lectured me on my drinking-diet-coke-like-it's-water-and-never-drinking-actual-water ways and suggested using those Mio liquid water enhancers and they really are good. I use the strawberry watermelon one and drink it like crazy. I've haven't give up my precious diet coke though...don't think that'll ever happen!

  3. TILTE, what is tejava? and does it have sugar in it??? I'll try the diet snapple.

    Hannah, without my soda, i feel so empty. it has been with me thorugh thick and thin and never asks for anything except to be loved by me... which i do - fiercly! trying the crystal light raspberry/lemonade flavor. half a packet is all you need otherwise toooooo sweet.